Our services to Individuals, Wealth, Autonomous and Collective include the following benefits

Those are the services we offer to you as we are an insurance broker in Barcelona.

  • Products
    – Vehicles: cars, motorcycles, Quads, etc…
    – Subsidy withdrawal card
    – Daily sickness and / or accident allowance
    – Personal insurance: Accident insurance
    – Life insurances
    – Retirement insurance – Pensions
    – Security Homes – Home
    – Health – Healthcare, medical staff and / or reimbursement of expenses.
    – Private civil liability
    – Equestrian civil liability
    – Hunting / fishing civil liability
    – Properties: vertical property, communities
    – Recreational and other types of helmets
    – Defense and claim
    – Legal defense and claim of damages.
    – Commerce and offices
    – Travel Assistance
    – Art
  •  Risk Management

    – Identification
    – Evaluation
    – Management
    – Control
  •  Information / Reporting
    – Relation of policies, with their coverages, maturities, sums insured and premiums
    – Comparative charts of offers from other companies or Annual review of insured sums and guarantees.
  •   Claims Management

If this fits your need we are proud to be your insurance broker in Barcelona.

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We work with a professional team leader in its sector, is what sets us apart from others. Let’s work together!