Our business insurance services to Companies, Associations, Corporations, Guilds, Consortiums and Franchises include the following services

  • Guidance on the following Products
    – Material Damage: SMEs, All Risk, Consecutive Losses-Civil liability of the Company: Exploitation, Employer, Products, Union and Mixing, Withdrawal, Substitution.
    – Civil liability of Advisers and Directors.
    – Transportation
    – Fleets of Vehicles
    – Machinery Breakdown
    – All construction risk, decennial
    – Collectives Life Accidents
    – Cyber Risks
    – Caution and Credit
    – Operation Losses
    – Data Protection
    – Benefits to employees
    – Exteriorization of Pension Commitments
  • Risk Management
    – Identification
    – Evaluation
    – Management
    – Control
  • International Programs
    – Collaboration in the management of international programs
  • Information / Reporting
    – List of policies by companies, with their coverages, maturities, sums insured and premiums
    – Comparative charts of offers from other companies
    – Annual review of insured sums and guarantees./li>



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